Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rich's New Book: Representing Yourself in Court


The most affordable legal advice you can get is right here in this book. The Founder of this blog wrote this book to make it easier for folks to start with limited understanding of the law and overcome the incredible odds against succeeding as your own attorney in a court of law.
Rich takes readers through two of his most intriguing cases where lawyers were hired with the specific purpose of silencing his work. Rich fought back, and this book is the result of his difficult struggle as an investigative reporter constantly seeking the truth about serious subjects.
Rich used the strategies in this book to overcome a $25 million lawsuit against him and to help generate serious publicity for the case of Lucille Iacovelli.
For just $20, you can have your very own copy of Rich’s book and read all about his battles against biased judges, billionaire casino barons and a doctor bent on keeping his critics from using his name. Click the following link or the book jacket photo above to order now.

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