Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Texas: A look Back at the Texas Connection to the 80s Savings and Loan Scandal

Peter Brewton wrote a compelling book years ago, published in 1992. The non-fiction THE MAFIA, THE CIA AND GEORGE BUSH (1992) by Brewton is about the Former President George Bush Sr.'s connections to the 80s Savings and Loan scandals and other corruption involving the CIA and bankupting shell corporations. The book about the subject references the Fertitta and Maceo Mafia families. Frank Fertitta, Jr., Tillman Joseph Fertitta, and Sam Maceo are referenced specifically. The huge network of businessmen, government officials, and varied unsavory characters in the underworld who were implicated in that massive 80s scandal are all chronicled on THIS PAGE.

Here's an interesting video describing some pretty deep stuff from Brewton that is all interconnected to the Fertitta family's current foothold in Texas and the family's historical connections and power base there. This video also speaks to their Modus Operandi of destroying companies for personal profit. It's worth an hour of watching to get the real story on all these shady characters who perpetrated this scandal:

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