Sunday, July 11, 2010


By: Rich Bergeron

Recently dissed and dismissed UFC Fighter Travis Lutter is reportedly looking for the sponsorship money Xyience stiffed him out of, $36,000 of it to be exact. Apparently he's e-mailed Dana White about the situation, and CAGEPOTATO.COM wrote a whole report about Lutter's payment request.

Lutter, listed as a creditor in the Xyience Bankruptcy case along with several other unpaid UFC fighters, is really the first person since Drew Fickett and Sean Sherk to come out in public and rail about not getting paid by the supplement company. Most fighters have simply taken it on the chin or just decided to take their chances in court and not risk pissing Dana off. Some have simply just admitted they haven't been paid and left it at that.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the whole unpaid fighter situation is that despite reports that all these Xyience-sponsored fighters haven't been paid, the XYIENCE FIGHTERS PAGE still lists them all as sponsored fighters. I've raised this issue multiple times in court paperwork, and nothing changes. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the amount of fraud they've been wrapped up in.

The fact that Lutter is seeking his money from Dana rather than Xyience itself is telling to say the least, especially considering all that stuff I'm getting sued for revolving around my reports of Dana's unholy alliance with Xyience. Keep your fingers crossed, Travis, and someday maybe your ship will come in. If you don't get the dough, I'm working on a way to get it for you by filing a Civil RICO Act case against all the main players and on behalf of all the creditors and shareholders who have been screwed, which includes a long list of fighters. Stay tuned for more on that fron

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