Sunday, July 11, 2010


By: Rich Bergeron

It is so often a grim reality in our society that those with money and power can get away with whatever they want. It has become so pervasive that many people tend to just stand by and get run over, never even letting out a peep about how unfair they’re being treated. It’s understandable as much as it’s disturbing, because even the loudest cries tend to fall on deaf ears.

Yet, what so many of us in this day and age don’t realize is there is tremendous power in the truth. It’s not always easy to expose that truth, and people don’t always believe it when they hear it, but in the long run truth always trumps the lies.

Those at the highest positions within Xyience, Inc. had a chance to defend the company from my investigative reporting on countless occasions. Yet, instead of presenting their side of the story and explaining their perspective professionally they chose to spout more lies and mount an obvious, calculated smear campaign against me. Confronted with the stark and unavoidable truth, they spat back at me like a bunch of ignorant children with a non-stop flow of baseless insults. While I always put my name on everything I produced on these pages, they hid behind false names and fabricated profiles to jab at me with nothing but total crap.

It’s easy to see their weak, pathetic attempts to badmouth me in my own comment section. They’ll likely launch more of the same on this story. They have even found folks with the same name to slander. Yet, even in their feeble attempts to attack me they reveal a complete and utter lack of evidence. They actually make themselves look more guilty because they are unable to find a shred of real, documented evidence with which to question my character. They stupidly suppose that because I have worked as a photographer and house painter I must be a dishonest person. They point to my personal MySpace profile as if there’s damning evidence there of some secret plot to destroy them.

I have always publicly stated I do not want Xyience as a whole to suffer because of the few people connected to this company who have chosen to use it as their own corrupt get rich quick scheme. Working with people on the inside and relying on evidence given to me by people in a position to know what is really going on behind the scenes, I have narrowed down the names of those within the inside circle. I know exactly who is behind the deepest, most troubling deception and fraudulent activity at the company, and I can prove it.

I refuse to stoop to the level of those attempting to slander me and attack me. I don’t have time to be petty. It is time for action and time to clear up this mess so the sport of MMA can move on without this baggage attached to it. Xyience has been good to a lot of fighters and provided a lot of income to help some of the best professional fighters prosper. If they ever hope to reclaim a good reputation, the people ruining it for everybody need to be removed from the company.

It is time for the fans of MMA to unite in solidarity and stand up for the sport. It’s time to be counted and tell the powers that be that you won’t let an innocent man get run over just for doing his job. It is time to put the spotlight on the guilty parties here.

I am just one man, and I can’t do it alone. So, I am publicly asking for help here. I am being bombarded with legal fees that are detracting from the smooth operation of my site. This site has always been and always will be in place to give something to the fight fans they’ve never had. It is an independent, invigorating, and fresh take on the fighting sports. In this whole series we have proven how much we love this sport. We are willing to fight the biggest dogs infected with the worst case of Rabies if it means winning will help keep MMA clean.

I have avoided asking for any assistance up to this point and have actually spent a great deal of my own money already on the investigative process alone. However, I have to admit now that what I’m trying to do is going to take much more of a collective effort. I have set up a legal defense fund that will help me fight this case and any future case that arises to try and silence my reporting. I have decided not to seek any relief of any kind in this suit, because I never did any of this to make money. It is more important to me to help provide documented evidence to this court of law that might someday inspire a formal federal investigation that is long overdue.

If anyone can help out, please click on the link below. Any donation will be used to clean up this sport and help make sure Fight News Unlimited will be able to continue to provide you great news without having to worry about being shut down for exposing the truth. Also, if anyone knows of any legal channels I can pursue or can assist with my defense in any way, I could definitely use a hand with all of this. I am one man against a corporation here, and I need all the help I can get. Anything our loyal fans can spare would be much appreciated.

Please take the time to review all the information available on-line in our XYIENCE SERIES so you can see exactly what I have compiled in the way of solid evidence and what Xyience has been relentlessly trying to hide by repeatedly slandering me.

Wish me luck as I go forward with this fight, and please spread the word. The future of Fight News Unlimited depends on getting this whole mess cleaned up, and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts will be better off if sponsors like Xyience can clean themselves up and start acting responsibly. You can help inspire that. Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.

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