Thursday, August 26, 2010

Check Out Rich Bergeron's Most Recent Investigative Report at WWW.FREETHECHAMP.COM

Don't forget to check out JUDGEGOD.COM and SCARLETLAWYER.COM, too.

Please support Rich Bergeron's battles for justice. He is in a position to do what no man before him has likely ever done in so many jurisdictions without a single class in legal training. He is going to have to marshal all his resources, all the efforts he'd normally be able to spend on paid creative work, on volunteering his time to bringing justice to these courts filled with lawyers promoting and perpetrating injustice for the benefit of further profit and corruption. It's time to let the Constitution speak for the people rather than the conglomerate.

Bergeron has given up on even those lawyers hailing themselves as "good guys." Good guys don't charge huge rates for little work. Good guys don't put shareholders last on the list for relief below lawyers who are getting paid even though they are guilty of abusing the process for their own financial gain.

Like doctors and the "White Wall of Silence" lawyers are no different it seems. You can't tiptoe across the line and jump back for too long without getting caught in the act.

I won't do it. I won't cross that line, and I won't lie to further my point. Lawyers do it every day. That's why I'll never be a lawyer, and I know the system is designed so I don't have to be. I won't take personal reward at the expense of keeping these misdeeds in the Xyience case quiet, because at this point there is certainly no greater good served by me doing that.

I'm also sick of being subjected to continuous promises by the Trustee's Attorney to talk to or meet with the trustee only to never get a definitive answer on $100,000 I might get half of or I might get none of. It's not even worth fighting for. For all intents and purposes it's the same lame $5,000 Adam Frank and Kirk Sanford offered me in November of 2007.

And to think that's my outlook and the shareholders would only recover after me getting some or part of $100,000 in that scenario tells me I was right in the beginning when I figured out Jon Backman does not want to fight primarily for the shareholders and won't fight for them to the level he would if he was fully following through on his charge and his duties as an officer of the court.


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