Monday, August 23, 2010


New information and evidence will be revealed on this blog soon related to The Liquidation Trustee Attorney in the Xyience case and his activities to appease and assist his fellow lawyers who have abused the process and now expect to get paid for it. This attorney's actions are unconscionable, and I have broken off all communication with this attorney as a result and will be reporting his transgressions to United States Attorney General Eric Holder. I have taken these steps even though I stood to gain a $105,000 settlement ($5,000 paid up front and a $100,000 unsecured claim this attorney offered me to resolve the dispute.)

This attorney, who shall remain nameless for the moment, tried to represent to me when we first met that he was different from other lawyers and he used to be a big business type of lawyer who reformed and became a good guy. Instead of living up to his own legend, he chose to try to insulate attorneys who are clearly guilty of abusing their charges and should have known their activities to fraudulently bankrupt Xyience were suspect. Attorneys are not hired guns for their clients, and when they notice impropriety they are supposed to speak up and follow the rule of law rather than cover up corruption.

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