Sunday, July 11, 2010

Xyience, Inc. Liquidation Trustee Files Complaint Against Fertitta Enterprises And Former Company Executives

Latest Xyience Case Update

By: Rich Bergeron

The Usual Suspects, including all the characters pictured below and Fertitta Enterprises GM William Bullard, are implicated in a new civil suit. The case, filed by the Xyience Bankruptcy Liquidation Trustee David Herzog Tuesday, is finally unearthing the scandal I've been reporting on here on this site for more than two years now. The complaint is very thorough, but I've created a CONDENSED VERSION HERE.

The characters and circumstances involved are nothing new to me, but the vindication of my own complaints is new. This is the official legal representative of Xyience finally picking up the story line I've been laying down for over two and a half years now. The judge in my own case will no doubt be more willing now to admit my case is substantially sound and worthy of a second examination. Read the complaint for yourself and take the time to look back at all my reports here, and you'll see they name all the individuals I've been complaining about on this site for years. Here is the full version of the complaint:

Xyience Liquidation Trustee Complaint -

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