Sunday, July 11, 2010

3,000 READS! "The Real Story Behind the UFC's Royal Family" Reaches Bleacher Report Milestone


Taking A Moment To Look Back In Order To Prepare For The Road Ahead.

By: Rich Bergeron

Recent developments in the Xyience, Incorporated scandal triggered a renewed interest in the above-linked story that I posted on The Bleacher Report Web-site. A commenter on This Story at FightOpinion.Com about the recent Xyience scandal's resurgence says it all about the public's ignorance of the semi-secret Fertitta Family history:

"If Zuffa got caught as a shadow organization for the Gambino family or something, the press would be running each other off roads trying to be the first to make it to ambush Dana and the Fertitas for interviews. But a company doing simple corporate shadiness is boring."

Another commenter pointed the above user to my story about the real "family" history.

The fact is, all of these back room business deals surrounding Xyience and Station Casinos are so complicated and convoluted that nobody really wants to examine them under a microscope but the real legal experts. I had to examine these deals out of sheer necessity after I was wrongfully sued by Xyience for writing the truth about the shady activities going on there when my reports began. Fortunately for the shareholders of the company, I never gave up. Now the estate's liquidation trustee has a legal team working on dozens of complaints to return millions to the estate that was stolen through multiple streams of abuse and financial fraud. Fertitta Enterprises is tied to much of the alleged tampering with the bankruptcy. Based on what I know, these civil allegations could be only the beginning.

Eventually the whole MMA fan base that follows the UFC will be the ones looking back at these deals out of necessity to find out what went wrong and when. This is not the kind of ho-hum news that fades away with time. It only gets increasingly worse, and one day it will be time for the Fertittas to pay the piper. How much the UFC suffers as a result is up for debate, but the argument that it won't suffer is far-fetched.

The mainstream media will eventually take notice, and the Fertitta family piggy bank will eventually be drained by voluminous legal fees as they fight banks and Boyd Casinos in Vegas to retain a hold on the Station Casinos empire Frank Jr. built on a dollar and a dream. Fertitta Enterprises will take a big hit on Xyience if the trustee's case is successful in pinning the blame on that entity for initiating the BK on false pretenses and screwing the shareholders and creditors in the process.

Vegas itself appears to be under extreme stress lately due to the financial mess created by overzealous casino barons who outspent themselves and left unfinished projects languishing as a result. It is one of the worst areas hit by the housing market slump, and it is one of the most troublesome areas of the country when it comes to the homeless population. Recent media reports out of Vegas included an armored car robbery at Station Casinos and a shooting at the same federal courthouse where the Xyience bankruptcy is going on (that happened today). This is a distressed community, and it's starting to show. People are starting to become more brazen and unpredictable in their desperation.

These are the negative forces and issues brought to light by financial fraud and abuse of power. Much like the Bernie Madoff scenario had been handed to the SEC on a silver platter ten years before it really went up in smoke, the Vegas landscape also includes culprits who should have been caught a long time ago. Instead, the wheels they greased protected them from all harm. People develop feelings of being powerless because the upper crust continues to steal and get away with it and destroy lives in the process. Eventually their rage will boil over, and they will eventually be inspired to fight back. They will steal themselves, like the Station robbers. They will destroy lives themselves out of frustration, like the courthouse shooter. Those who take such measures may be few and far between at first, but as the crisis worsens and widens the population of people wandering off the reservation will grow.

The latest generation unfortunately seems to care more about what their favorite Hollywood star is writing on Twitter these days than they do about these deep, mysterious scandals in sports. The Call of Duty used to be more than a popular video game to the youth in this country. We've eroded into a do-nothing society when it comes to really trying to join together to fix the most egregious evils we see all around us. Most of us stand still and devote our lives to meaningless tasks and our jobs as cogs in the machine. Few step up and try to challenge the status quo. When people do fight back and get shut down, others cower behind them with no reason to try for a different result. We become sheeple, and the government officials (with the help of all the Capitalist fat cats who feed them) can shove whatever they want down our throats with the same old-fashioned pomp and circumstance as they've always operated with.

I was always taught to look deeper. Ask questions. Search for the truth. I'm glad I chose a battle such as the Xyience situation to get entrenched in, though the process has been painful and stressful to no end. I have no regrets, and I'm confident everything will work out in my favor when this case is in the history books. The dramatic effect this case has had in my life will translate beautifully to a book on the whole fiasco from start to finish. The legal victory in the long run will allow me a real-life model to show others how to embrace their own cases as their own attorneys and possibly win their own fights by following my example. That's all I really hope for.

It might not happen overnight, but the people's revolution is afoot and building momentum. If we don't stop cowering in the face of conglomerate corporate evil and face down our fears now, we'll simply be overtaken by the great wave of corruption that's destroyed this country.

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