Saturday, January 29, 2011

Xtreme, Xplosive, Xtensive New Developments

By: Rich Bergeron

The X-pense report is going to be huge on this one. Lawyers will be crawling all over the Matrix. The situation at Xyience is becoming more concerning lately. The Usual Suspects are spawning new usual suspects. The con is cloning itself. I have more ins than ever.

I'm doing some digging and coming up with nuggets of gold. I'm freaking out upper management with my bold approach to fact finding, but the truth is an incredible thing. The more they crack down, the larger the cloak of secrecy over future communications becomes. The best information comes by way of secret transmission.

Lawyers come and lawyers go. Maybe a case of theirs lives on if they're lucky. Storytellers and writers always live forever, though, as soon as their work goes to print. The muck is thick, and it must be raked from time to time. I try to rake with as much tact as possible, intermingled with as much independence as the law allows me to exercise. If history repeats itself, I'll have to rake a lot more. It's what I do. Stay Tuned!

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