Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Xyience President John Lennon Running Scared From Rich Bergeron's Questions

John Lennon (pictured above), Xyience's newly-minted president, took the opportunity to hold a conference call this past Monday. It was his 90th day with the company I've been studying, researching, and following for years. I began my investigation back in 2006, but my "crusade" has never enjoyed the kind of constant flow of information that exists right now. John Lennon seems to think he knows me, but he won't even talk to me. I've sent him emails, left him a message on his cell phone, and I let him know if he has nothing to hide there's nothing to worry about.

Still, John Lennon won't talk to me. He'd rather talk about me behind my back it seems. He began his 90-day celebratory call with the Xyience staff by talking about me being a "distraction" to the company. Well, the frivolous $25 million lawsuit filed against me to start this process has been nothing but distracting. I am also told Mr. Lennon tried to sell a complete lie to the entire Xyience staff attending the meeting yesterday. He said to all these employees that I am on the losing end of my case in bankruptcy court. This only proves how ignorant he really is about the whole Xyience debacle I'm wrapped up in right now.

I just settled a small portion of the case, something called a Rule 9011 claim, with the liquidation trustee for the Xyience Estate. There's no gag order on that settlement, and Mr. Lennon should know this. His lawyers obviously aren't being up front with the guy about who I am and what I've done in the case. I have a $175,000 request for summary judgment still on the table in the BK courts, and that's on top of the settlement I've already made with the trustee.

The Rule 9011 Motion itself is going to be up for an amendment hearing on February 20th in Las Vegas. New names and facts will be presented to the court if I am allowed the chance to improve that request. That sanctions motion asks for $150 million from all the inter-connected players in the scam to bankrupt and bleed out Xyience.

If I am on the losing end of this case as Mr. Lennon says I am, how come I never had to write a single check to Xyience? How come their demand for $25 million went down to $84,000 before the bankruptcy even ensued? How come they never paid the guy who sued me for them in the first place?

The reality is simply too much for these folks to accept, so they create their own fantasy world and try to live in it. I am now even hearing that they are contemplating filing a new lawsuit against me because I've sent email blasts to Xyience employees exposing the truth. So sue me, I say. I'd like to see how they plan to try to make any charges stick. I'd like to see how they handle things when they crash and burn yet again trying to hold me accountable for doing an altruistic deed. What I don't want to see is the company and their employees suffer needlessly because the brass doesn't know how to do damage control or talk straight with an investigative reporter like me.

All I asked Mr. Lennon to do was pick up the phone and give me a call. I gave him the option to avoid any complications if he was just willing to make one phone call. I even gave him the on or off the record option. I just wanted to get some honest answers to some important questions. Instead of realizing he had nothing to hide and should have no fear of talking to me, it seems like he and the rest of Xyience's upper management went into pure panic mode.

Sue me if you will, Xyience. Sue me once, sue me twice. Sue me up, sue me down. Sue me around the world in 80 days and six ways to Sunday. Just remember what all this started with and who really escalated things to this point of no return. A man who is afraid to make a simple phone call to me in order to answer a few questions is now the leader of a company with a history of corruption. He's gone ahead and made assessments about me and issued false statements of fact behind my back about my character instead of being a man about things and talking to me one on one. At some point people have to start asking what is there to hide? Why the secrecy and fear?

Either way, I have front row seats for this whole show. The leaks I already benefit from at the company give me an advantage I never had before. I also have a tremendous library of evidence I may or may not have to publish here to set the record straight. This is all in addition to another revelation involving the actual product Xyience is selling, where it actually came from, and what's actually in it. As always, stay tuned!

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marieleo said...

Not sure I understand the whole story here but when subterfuge is involved, it's certain the TRUTH will make the rats run in all directions.